Introducing Blue Key Capital

Secure a Better Loan For Your Asset or Small Business

Let our team focus on the debt and equity while you focus on doing your next deal or running your business.

How it works

Blue Key Capital is consulting firm that focuses on securing debt and equity for real estate and small businesses.

Vet The Deal

We vet potential lending partners & select a professional group for you & your deal.

Negotiate The Teams

We negotiate terms to make sure you get the best rate and the right terms for your deal.

Close The Funding

Our team works diligently to close your deal on schedule and without stress.

We partner with a variety of businesses & real estate operators:


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We know how stressful closing loans can be.

We're focused on one thing - securing and closing financing transactions for our partners. We know the pitfalls and blindspots that slow down most deals. We take control of the situation and quarterback the entire transaction.

Why hire Blue Key Capital to oversee your debt placements?

Time is Money

We know a deal closing 30-40 days behind schedule means money out the window. Blue Key operates with a sense of urgency and our goal is to get a deal closed YESTERDAY.

Banks Are Flakey

We've all had a lender retrade on terms, lower the debt amount or simply back out of a deal. This can ruin a deal at the zero hour when escrow money is at risk. We make sure this doesn't happen.

Debt is a Big Distraction

Back and forth with banks, collecting documents and constant prodding can drastically reduce your team's bandwidth to underwrite and search for new deals or execute your business plan.

The Market is Chaos

The debt market is in chaos right now. Interest rates exploding and deals dying. It has never been more important to hire professionals to guide you through this process.

Meet the team responsible for $500+ million of placed debt.

At Titan Risk we believe quality works comes from quality experience. Our team of commercial insurance professionals is with you every step of the way.

We help clients in all 50 states with their debt placements.

From manufacturing companies in New York to multifamily assets in Phoenix - we have been there, done that. Our team takes the stress out of sourcing and securing debt.

Ready to meet our team?

We can set up a consultation phone call with you to discuss your business needs and give you advice on how we would tackle your project. Fill out this form below:

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Frequently asked questions.

What is the timeline for engaging your group?

We set up an initial call to understand your needs. We can present a contract the next day and get started working for you a few moments later.

How much do you charge?

We charge 100 basis points on the debt placed.

What banks do you have access to?

We're extremely well networked around the northeast (NYC area), southeast, midwest and Texas markets. We're a phone call away from introductions to many more banks and credit unions and we're very used to pounding the pavement as well to cold-call potential lending partners.

How do you vet potential partners?

We know the language and we know the roadblocks. During a 20 minute conversation with a banker we can ask the right questions to figure out if they would make a good partner. We also RARELY explore a deal with a partner without a first-hand recommendation from somebody in our network that they have closed a deal.

Why should I hire you vs just doing this myself?

In 2021 when interest rates were 3.5% and every bank was eager to lend you could probably get away with securing an excellent term sheet and closing a deal on your own. Deals today are requiring significantly more diligence and work and banks are very skittish. This makes our service extremely valuable. Many clients make the mistake of coming to us after being let down at the closing table by a previous lender - which is never an ideal situation. Our fee is the best money many groups say they could possibly spend.

Let's talk.

This is a relationship business. Let's hop on a call and figure out if our circles overlap.

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